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One of a kind Hummingbird sculpture made using WW1 and WW2 battlefield relics.

The relic used in the base is a British WW1 Battye hand grenade recovered from the Somme.

The birds body is made using fragments of an exploded British WW1 

hand grenade (MILLS BOMB) again recovered from the Somme.

The birds wings and part of the tail were cut from a relic German WW2 PAK 40 anti tank shell recovered from Latvia, also used the same material for the leaves on the flower, Battle damage can still be seen on a couple of those.

The centre of the birds tail is made from 2 British WW2 hand grenade levers recovered from Normandy.

Everything else is stainless steel and bronze.

Height is 15"

Width is 7"

Depth is 6"

Weight 1kg