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My content is being used in fake ads by scammers on all social media platforms, as well as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Walmart, Ali Express and hundreds of Asian websites.

The photos and videos used in these ads and websites show unique hand made lamps that were made by myself using genuine war relics. They do not have these lamps to sell, instead they are using my content to fool people into buying tiny, poor quality, plastic junk.


A few Examples of sellers using my content can be seen below, the last 4 photos show the junk items they actually send you.


If you've ordered what looks like my work from anywhere other than me, please contact your card provider or Paypal asap to report the scam and file a claim, Paypal have been aware of these scams since August 2021

My work is only available by one of the following options Click here for options

Also, be aware almost all ads seen on Facebook are now scams using content stolen from genuine artists and creators, after clicking the link on social media ads you will see the website address, always check that address to see if it's legit using one of the many free online scam checkers such as it takes less than 30 seconds to check a website.



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