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Battle lamp #89


Made using genuine WW2 battlefield relics recovered from Latvia


Edition Number 1/1

Height 39cm  / 15.5 inches

Weight 3.9kg /  8.5lb


The helmet is a WW2 German M35, the helmet has lots of original paint remaining, this was originally a double decal helmet, remains of the white decal background can be seen on the left hand side, the national colours decal which would have been on the right has completly gone, the outline of where it used to be can just be made out.

The large crack has been stabalized with a small weld (highlighted in one of the photos) The weld has been aged to blend in.


The bullet belt is genuine German WW2 era Dated 1940


The relic bayonet is a German WW2  K98, the small patch of white paint seen on the grip was there when the bayonet was dug up so it has not been removed. It would be easy to remove if you wanted to though.


The Bullets are 7.92x57mm These are modern versions not WW2 era.


As much rust as possible has been removed from the relics, they have then been treated with a rust blocking oil and sealed with wax. The inside of the helmet has been treated and permantly sealed with a rust inhibitor polymer.


The Lamp is supplied with a 3 mode LED flame effect bulb.

The video seen at the end of the gallery shows the lamp in flame effect mode.


Worldwide shipping is included.

The lamp will be shipped in a wooden crate fully insured for loss or damage.


Any Import duty/taxes charged by the buyers country will be the responsibility of the buyer to pay.


The lamp has been professionaly wired and has passed a UK (PAT) electrical safety test.

The lamp will operate with voltage from 80 to 240 volts.


The plug is a UK style 3 pin, a plug adaptor will be provided for buyers outside the UK allowing the lamp to be used straight away however, its recomended the plug is changed to your countries style when possible.



voltage80-240 volts
fuse3 amp
plugUK 3 Pin
lamp fittingE26/E27
bulbLED 3 mode flame effect



Battle Lamp #89

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