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The Lamp is hand made using Genuine WW2 German relics recovered from WW2 battle fields, all battle damage is authentic.


The helmet is a German M42 recovered from the Leningrad region of Russia, some of the winter camoflauge paint still remains.

The bayonet is a German K98 recovered from Berlin, the serial numbers and makers marks are still clearly visible as are the 2 eagle stamps on the pommel.



The lamp is fitted with a UK style plug, an adaptor will be included to fit sockets in the buyers country, so no need to change the plug if you dont want to . Lamp will work in any country with voltage from 110-230 volts 

lamp is fitted with a 3 mode LED flame effect bulb

(video of the lamp can be seen on the home page)


World wide shipping included

M42 Winter Camo Battle Lamp

  • Lamp has been profesionally wired and has passed a uk PAT safety test. 

    Lamp will work in any country with voltage between 100 and 230 volts without any wiring alterations but it is the buyers responsibility (if outside uk) to have the lamp tested by a qaulified electriction to ensure it complies to your countries safety requirements.

    Wiring does include an Earth/Ground

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